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ANEX Mission and Statement of Principles

Professional, Responsive, Reliable, Attentive Customer Service!

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Our Mission

The ANEX Mission

ANEX Warehouse & Distribution Co. pledges to provide its clients and their customers with the finest FULL SERVICE warehousing and distribution gateway into Pennsylvania and surrounding regions by our relentless commitment to the following:

  • Being a highly responsive and reliable distribution link
  • Acting as a direct extension and representative for each client
  • Providing maximum flexibility in warehousing logistics
  • Customizing services to each client’s specific distribution needs
  • Exercising professional duty of care
  • Ensuring excellent sanitation and security for all products
  • Being an accountable, improvement-oriented distribution partner
Professional Public Warehousing: Statement of Principles

ANEX Warehouse & Distribution Co. recognizes the business of public warehousing, in which it is entrusted with the property of others, as one demanding a high sense of responsibility and ethical conduct, to the end that the industry, and each member of it, will fully meet the exacting public interest.

Our company recognizes the legal responsibilities imposed upon it as a warehouse operator and, through inventory controls, physical maintenance of properties, handling of merchandise, accounting procedures, and service facilities, will exert every effort to the end that merchandise in its custody will be cared for in the manner that a reasonably careful man would care for goods under similar conditions.

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