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ANEX provides Value-Added Services, Packaging and Light Assembly

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As e-commerce has become one of the quickest growing aspects of doing business, ANEX has had many opportunities to provide related e-fulfillment services.

Naturally these specialized services overlap with many of our other value-added services such as order picking, customized packaging and small order parcel processing.

As a function of the expected volume and e-commerce format utilized by our clients, corresponding protocols pertaining to communications, receipt of orders and confirmation of shipments are implemented.

ANEX takes great pride in being a part of this quickly evolving segment of the market and to assist companies in providing cost-effective and flexible services.

This is particularly true for start-ups who might have a newly developed product but no sales history yet upon which to project volume. On many occasions, ANEX has been of essential help to such young companies with innovative products.

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